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Friday, February 11, 2011

crown me the queen of spring as i pick the blackberry seeds from my teeth and mike the dog steals a snack from the cat box

shall i explain.....or does the title say it all? 

after a bit of hesitation i decided to join in on a crown element swap.  i have not swapped for awhile and this is something new. 

the minute i saw the announcement on facebook and followed the link to the blog Adorning Crowns i knew i just hadda join in........but i didn't......and i went back to the blog....and left it again.

i already had a few ideas clanking around in my head and even sketched them out

 the sketch above inspired by a previous venture involving pearls of the acrylic kind and  antique quilt scraps

maybe a poofy word pillow? 

but my favorite idea.....the one fit for any queen of spring......

a mini vase in which the queen of spring would display her heavenly scented pickings. 

the queen of spring thinketh she needeth a bit more time to decide. 

speaking of spring....i could just hug the weather guy.  i seem to have the same feelings of love for him as i did the epidural dude back in the day!   warmer weather is coming.  spring really does exist.  winter really will not last forever and a day!

we should be seeing less and less of this stuff on the ground.....

and that makes me one happy girl!

the ice we had here, there and everywhere made these almost impossible to use without skis

this arty girl might be tired of the slush and ice and cold outdoors but.....

smoothies....oh i so love these cups of fruity brain freeze inducing yummy-ness. 

so far my favorite...the banana split smoothie.   banana, pineapple chunks with  strawberry yogurt poured into a cup that has been swirled with a bit of chocolate syrup.   

we all love the blackberry smoothies with one exception.    those darn seeds!   they are awful.  they get stuck in every nook and cranny of your mouth and they are hard as rocks. 

mike....mike mike mike mike mike mike.......that dog.  i have bragged on his intelligence.   i knew i should have bit my tongue.    he is not a prodigy.  he is just a dog. 

mike can sit on command, he uses the potty pad better than any other puppy i have known, but we can not seem to get mike to understand that cat poo is not a snack food! 

we had been planning on moving moan-uh's cat box  anyway since she is getting quite elderly and does not seem to be able to leap and jump like she could years ago. 

as you can see by the look on her face she does not care much to be photographed.

mike also seems to have a problem with hoarding.  you may see him on the next episode of hoarders if it gets any worse.  

last week we bought the puppies inexpensive dog beds.  the blanky on the floor was becoming a problem. 

can you guess which one is mike's? 

molly is to dignified to mess around with toys.

mia is too afraid of everything, including toys.

mike loves them.

mike also loves trash, dirty socks, wash cloths and dryer sheets.  oh, and cat poo.  so at any given moment of any given day you can find an assemblage of these items in his bed. 

 trying to find a more artful angle for this photo became impossible.  mike wanted to eat the camera.

i love this little guy to pieces though.  he has more fun and personality in him than any other dog i have known. 

i almost gave the hubs the boot out the door when i found out he decided to bring this guy home.  but i am thrilled to pieces he did. 

i have giggled and smiled till my cheeks are in charley horses because of this little guy.

ok, so just one more thing  to say then i will back away from the keyboard already.

so, you know a week or so ago i made my first sale on my etsy shop....the buyer left such a kind comment.  i sent her a 'convo' as it is called in etsy terminology to thank her for leaving such wonderful feedback.  

she convo'ed me back with this!

by flyawayjewelrydesign profile shop contact

Your very welcome. it's the truth. i used to make jewelry and i can tell when someone puts love into their work. i was also very impressed that you took the time to bond all the jump rings together so that they don't open up over time. i will make sure to check your store every so often for more things to buy, because i like buying from people like you.

hope you have a great day too,


that made me feel so good.   someone took the time to notice the extra umph, that extra mile i put into my work.

with that said, as i promised i am backing away from the keyboard.  i could easily gab a bit longer, but i think i shall wait and save it for another time.

see ya again real soon,


(they are not furry, but they are just as cute when they are sleeping!)


Laura said...

Hey there, Christine, it's Laura from the Adorning Crowns swap- stopping by to say hi! Pearls? antique quilt? little pillow? I'm drooling over here! Make whatever your heart desires. From one nutball to another.

Linda B said...

znother nutball jumping in here...OMG I totall love your idea, I am really excited about the swap and chuffed to bits about you being a part of it

Nest Feathers and Twine said...

Laura and Linda you have put this arty nutball at ease and have me grinning ear to ear! Thank you so much for stopping by.

I am so happy to have sisters in nutball-hood to share this with!

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