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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


playing with my christmas present, a laptop....i am a creature of habit, and even though this new piece of technology will make my life so much easier in the long run right now i am flustered and frustrated having to learn how to work this new creature. i want to go sit in my closet and pout like i use to as a little girl, but, i am excited at the same time. learning disabilities, which i don't really think of in that way because i am so use to my way of learning, make reading the pounds of instruction booklets that came with this wonderful beast, and trying to make sense of the online instructions a chore to say the least. i am a hands on girl, so i have learned more by trial and error button pushing. i think i found a program thingy that will allow me to transfer my files and my email from the desk top to the lap top, but not sure if the remains of a virus could or would be transferred as well, and if so i am sure the mcaffe would take care of it.....i think.....blahhhhh.....maybe i should call charter and ask them first how to transfer my email...that in itself will be an adventure. after pressing 1 to continue the call in english, then sitting on hold, then answering 9,000 questions that a computerized service rep will ask i will be transferred to a person, that is i know trying hard to be helpful, whose spanglish is nearly impossible for me to understand, i will politely thank them for their help and hang up with my question unanswered because of the language barrier...didn't i press one for english....and try to call again until i reach the one and only charter customer service rep that speaks plain old english. i find it funny that the company name is 'charter communication' but the communication part....uhh...not so much. my hearing impairment i am sure is partly to blame, but....

soon we will be moving the desktop to steph's room and out of my studio.....a good and not so good thing. finally i will have my studio to myself, but even though steph says she is ok with having to share her room at times with the boys when they are on the computer, i know there are going to be issues. agggg, i will deal with that when the situation comes up.

we spent an hour, 62 minutes and 53 seconds to be exact, on the phone with a customer service rep to help us get the wireless router set up. this router comes with a set of very easy looking instructions, actually ummm...6 pictures and about as many words to tell the truth, and it ended up being a nightmare. thank goodness bill spoke to her, the service center of course was in india, and although the woman he spoke with was very, very pleasant, helpful and friendly i would not have been able to understand her since half the time my ears and brain do not process even the accent-less english language very well.

i tried to install some bundle thingy from a disc that came with this thing, but it says it can't do what it needs to do and i need to contact the company that i received it from, so i am adding that to my already way-to-long-list-of-stuff-to-do-today list for wednesday.

i think i am done being whiney.......for the moment. i will be such a happy camper when i have my photos and emails transferred to this new portable piece technology. i am grateful for this wonderful piece of freedom, just frustrated.

i did complete a new necklace to sell on etsy, and i still need to add the items i made last week onto my etsy shop....ahhh, another thing to add to my long list of tomorrows to-dos. i also got all of our christmas/holiday cards signed with love, the envelopes addressed and stuffed with cards sending happy holiday wishes and love at 3:30 this morning. they are ready to be mailed. i decided to cut myself a break and just buy the cards instead of making them. i ripped up all the tape from around my bedroom that i have been painting like forever and have almost the whole bedroom retaped so that i can paint the doors, baseboards, and ceiling. since our color palette changed just a bit i have to repaint some furniture that will be going back to the bedroom, clear coat a century old armoir that we had stored for 4 or 5 years in the garage waiting for just the right place to put it, we won it at an auction for next to nothing because someone had done a really sad job at clear coating it and it needed to be stripped. i decided not to stain it. the old wood has a beauty of its own. most of our bedroom is still in the living room and i have to have it re-painted, clear coated and moved back into our bedroom by saturday, which means i need to have the bedroom finished by then so that we can decorate for christmas. do you think we could move christmas to lets say january 25th?

okay, i am going to quit rambling. go downstairs to my studio and check my emails on the other computer, and if the hubby isn't chasing bunnies in his sleep tonight maybe i will crawl into bed a little early.
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