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Thursday, December 04, 2008

just breathe......

that is what i keep telling myself....just will all get done.
i would love to be sitting in the middle of this field right now, a million miles away from everything
the warm sun shining down on me
in the middle of a field of sweet smelling flowers
looking at the dark sky in the background i can almost smell a spring thunderstorm brewing in the distance
but i am in my kitchen typing to the rythm of the dishwasher.
as much as i would love to be in this field of flowers, here, home, is the next best place.
bill and the kids safely and snuggly tucked into bed sleeping
the puppies in their crates sleeping
the cat snuggling with max tonight, hogging the pillow and blanket believe it or not
the big birdies downstairs making noise because mommy walked by them and did not say goodnight, so they protest just as a 3 year old would, they are whining.
the little birdies upstairs are snuggled together for warmth and quiet with the exception of one of our little mini doves that tries to woo his mate 24/7 .
'what a girl wants....what a girl needs' being sung by christina a on the funny that is the song playing
the kitchen floor needs to be swept
the livingroom, which is housing most of our bedroom, is still looking like ....ugh...there is not a word to describe
but this is home
and it is filled with the things i love most in this world
so i am just where i am suppose to be

just where i want most to be
home sweet home.
looking at a picture of oh-so-sweet flowers.
on my new laptop.
on my new old kitchen table i just recently painted.
with my fuzzy and oh so warm slippers on.

bill and steph surprised me tonight and took the few remaining fall decorations downstairs, scratch that chore off the list. yahoo...the list is getting smaller.
most of the baseboards are painted in our room, had to put the paint and brush, sponge brush that is, down so that bill and i could call the help line number again this evening since the laptop said it was not connected to the internet this morning. after discovering the internet was not working i did lose a few games of solitaire before starting up the day. real productive. my to do list was screaming for my attention from the kitchen as i sat tucked in the nice-oh-so-warm-cozy-bed losing those few games of solitaire. found 8 stamps to put on the envelopes for the christimas/holiday cards. off to the post office friday to buy some more and mail them off. then i can scratch that off the list....the doors in the bedroom are painted, just need a few spots touched up....i can scratch that off the list. not sure if i like the color, but bill loves it and so does steph, the boys....they could care less. they were driving each other nuts while we were conferencing on the subject. someday those two......they are night and day. i hope they grow out of this...
while we were waiting for the service rep for the router company to help us i began putting some things away in my studio, cleaning up to prepare for the next piece i am going to make, i grabbed a pile of strung green glass leaf beads to put away and (*&*^*& WHAM *^&^*(* i was given inspiration for a new neckpiece! eeeee! i love it when that happens. and very thankful. off to my drawers of sorted-by-color bead collections and i found some wonderful cranberry fresh water pearls. it is weird how i can remember almost every bead i own, and the number of beads i own is a number so large most of us could not pronounce it, but somehow i do remember each of them.
just like they were created from me
guess it is a bead thing
i started wire wrapping while we were on the phone with the router service guy.
a hollyberry wreath of sorts. wearable.
i can not wait to see how it all looks put together.
so here i sit jabbering, i guess talking to myself in-a-way
the rest of the world asleep
part of me is loving the silence
the peace
the quiet
the stillness of it all
part of me hating the hush of it all
wishing i had another human to talk to at the moment
so, off to bed with me
i am too tired to focus the old eyeballs to wire wrap any more beads tonight, got alot done though.
i am too wide awake to go to sleep.
did not get enough sleep last night.
think i will tuck myself in and put on an episode of big bang theory.
love that show
what better way to fall asleep than with a big smile on your face

thanks for the company.
maybe now that i have a portable means of computering this blog thing might happen more often.

night night.
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