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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

happy happy birthday 2 u !

13 years old. i can not believe it. where does the time go? i can not wait to see what the next 13 hold!

not only does he look just like his daddy, but he is just as laid back as well.

then there is the seriously silly side of him. he has a dry wit, one minute he is serious, the next he is just plain goofey. he wants to get into drama, and one day when he does he will be wonderful at it! quite the actor he is! and almost a straight a student......i am so proud of him!

he has come so far in his life and overcome some huge hurdles with a bravery i admire. sometimes he is too smart for his own good, and for mine!

13 years ago, just minutes after he was born, he was fussing his big sister sang twinkle twinkle little star to him, just like she did when he was still inside of me.....he knew her voice in an instant, tried his hardest to focus on her and stopped fussing. that memory is so clear that it seems like it just happened, i can not believe it has been 13 today if his sister would sing twinkle, twinkle (not that i believe that would happen, though) it would not be received in the same sweet, gentle way it was 13 years ago that is for sure. oh, how they grow, and change.

i miss those days, but hold the memories of those days close to my heart as i live out each day of the present knowing they too will become a memory, and i look forward to the future trying hard not to be in a rush to get there any faster than what we have to, as time already seems to move to quickly.

happy birthday my sweet sweet sam. Posted by Picasa

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