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Thursday, March 30, 2006

my daughter....quite the

seamstress......showing off one of her many purses that she will be selling on her very own blog very soon. we just set the blog up yesterday! we still need to do some fine tuning to it.

she is amazing....sewing is the one thing i was never able to master. the sewing gene must skip a generation! my mom does beautiful work...she made my wedding dress....

my daughter has made all of her purses without any type of a pattern....she just grabs her measuring tape and shears and tada....she even makes these purses lined! somehow she manages to make the lining fit beautifully, also with no pattern! most have an inside pocket. she made an ipod case that is way cute, after watching an episode of .....eeek what is the name of that darn show....i just drew a blank.....with the clothing designers......oh jeez this is gonna drive me crazy....anyway there was one episode with the barbie.....she pulled one of her my scene barbies out of her memory box and within minutes she made a pair of pants for this thing....again no pattern. it blows me away.

one thing that she is having a hard time with is failure......she has really had an easy time learning to sew....she just learned how in school this year.....since everything comes soooo easy for her and works the first time, when she runs into a problem she wants to quit. i could pull my hair out! blahhhhhhh! but, i know in time as she matures she will work this out....but until then i could scream!

i am so proud of her, and her motivation. she wants a sidekick.......ain't coming out of our budget we told her, so off she went to go sew her way to one! Posted by Picasa

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Brenda Waters said...

Hi. My name is Brenda, I just ran across your blog, on my redlead mail. It's great. The talent you and your family have is awesome. I can tell you are not afraid to try new things. Your daughter's purses, and your jewelry caught my eye. I like those types of purses and am sure others do to.

Do you think she would like to sell them at a country fair in St. Johns', MO. It is sponsored by my local Eastern Star Chapter. We are non-profit group and are looking for local crafters to participate in our 2nd annual country fair. The date is Sat. 8/6 from 9 am to 6 pm.

Please let me know. If you would like to sell your items also, we would welcome you. I would be happy to send you an application. The donation is $25. per table. My email is

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