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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

feeling elf-y

i know, i know......i still have a ton of pictures and stories to tell.  there are so many photos to go through and quite honestly i have been putting it off because i have sooooo very much to do during the months of november and december.

wanting to come check in and post has nearly driven me crazy.  driven me crazy because i told myself no posts until i catch up on the old posts i have been wanting to do. 

this year i have taken a vow not to over do it when it comes to commitments during the holidays and so i took it one step further and decided to cut myself a break here on my blog.

the photos and stories will have to wait until after the holidays to save my self-induced-sanity-compromising-to-do-list.

with that said....

here is a peek at what has been going on at our home........

 i love entertaining the thought of marching through a snow covered tree farm to go cut down our own oh-so-wonderfully-pine-scented live tree, this is the most economical and practical method.
 the tree plugged in aglow with the lights provided by the manufacturer.  are these enough....oh no.....
 600 clear lights
 400 multi colored lights
 140 twinkling clear lights, and 140 twinkling multi colored lights....go grab your sunglasses....

 the elves are in place

 the vintage glittered village that has been battered over many many years of use before it came to our home has been set up
 a mixture of vintage, newish and new bristle brush trees placed oh-so-carefully in the sparkly village
 each of the bird cages decorated

the feather boas added

 hundreds of ornaments
 and is here.

 wooden rings have been covered with brocade, velvet, and faux gator ribbon.  necklaces in the making.  can't wait to take a moment to finish these. 

 well over a hundred sea shells of different sizes and types drilled for hostess gifts, first christmas gifts for several sets of newly weds, neighbors, friends....these, 50 in all, will be given a mini-ombre effect with glitter for sam to pedal at this years madrigal dinner his choir holds each year.   i am looking forward to this, i have to admit this is my most favorite of the choir performances we attend each year.

the inerds of the shells have been done, and by the time i finish this post i will be heading back to ombre the back sides.  i am considering these as practice for the larger shells i will be doing that will use 5-6 shades instead of just 3.

also in the middle of an assemblage project that i am having a blast working on, and each and every day i think of something new to do with this piece.  trying now to pick and choose the most neato of the  ideas so that i don't over do and booger it up.

i will post pics as this project progesses.

i will have more pics to post of elf-y projects that will be keeping me busy for the next few weeks.

see you soon.


(the glittering of the shells zipped by this evening after my daughter joined in and helped out so thought you might like to see the finished product....this leaves me wanting to dig in to the other colors of glitter and shells tonight)

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