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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

etsy shop opening delayed to 2/8

short and sweet tonight.  not the post i had in mind originally.  steph and i are going to open our etsy shops on the 8th instead of the 1st as we had originally planned. 

my visit to the e.r. recently set us back a couple of days, but mostly we both lost track of the days and the 1st really snuck up on us.  so much so that when steph realized on friday that the first was monday she made a mad dash into my bedroom at 3am in a panic to tell me.

earlier this evening i had another of my icky svt attacks.  this is the first time in my ten yearsof svt attacks that my hubby has seen the icky version.  it scared him &($% out of him.  now 4 - 5 hours later i still have the chills that i normally get with this type of svt attack,  my back, ribs and chest are hurting from tensing up.  i decided to surrender and will be taking a xanax to see if this helps with the pain from the spasms. 

friday we have a doctor appointment and am hanging on to faith that it will be good news. 

on a happy note the hubby and i had a second date sunday,we locked ourselves in our bedroom for an hour or so then we did the grocery shopping alone.  who would have thought grocery shopping could be fun.  we decided to make it a 'date' on a regular basis. we felt like kids again, and it felt good to let go and be the us  that brought us together in the first place.  the 'us' in us seems to get lost easily in day to day life.

hoping tomorrow is back to normal and then i can post picks of the lovlies we bought at michaels saturday.  trying to decide between 3 sketches as to what the finished necklace will look like.  i have a lot of coordinating 'beads' to go with what we bought so the possibilities are wonderful.  

i am off to tranquilize and close my eyes, i hope.  the hubs is 'chasing bunnies' in his sleep,   i need to nudge him awake enough to stop the dream before he breaks a bone, clears off all that decorates his bedside table or falls off the bed.....again. 

here is some summertime eye candy to warm your toes on this cold winter night......

a night at the race track

a humid post thunderstorm sky

a 'cal-i-pit-er' that


night, night, sleep tight. 

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