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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

never take it for granted.......

life....i learned it was short when my dad died at only 59 years old, and, could end at any time whether you have your planner full of stuff to do or not a few years ago personally when i nearly lost my life.

sunday our 13 year old found out for himself.....on just the 1st mile of his daily 5 mile bike rides with his brother and friend he found himself not feeling right and forced himself to make it home where he became disoriented and passed out on the side of our yard.

everyday i tell the boys watch for cars, don't race, put your helmets on, watch for creepy people....and by all means stay together for safety. the boys know this speech by heart and roll their eyes at me every time i say it, but i have to say it....every time....some unwritten mom rule.

sunday we spent a day in the e.r. they are not sure what happened.....vaso-vagal syncope is all they could tell us. we will follow up with a cardiologist just to be safe since we have heart problems that run in the family.

i will never forget the color, or lack of, my son had on his face as we brought him in to the house and got him to the couch. his lips the most awful color of grey.

yesterday in walmart it hit me how just the slightest difference in events and instead of picking the best looking bunch of bananas i could be trying to pick the best looking coffin out of the bunch. i wiped the tears, took a deep breath, and thanked God one more time.

i am hoping maybe it was just divine sister is a supervisor in the e.r., we had not spoken for 2 years.....we talked, and talked sunday.

i believe everything has a reason.

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